Hi! We’re a non-hierarchical, collectively run food co-op committed to serving the UCSD population with low cost, nutritious, and environmentally responsible food.

10:00am - 4:00pm
Monday - Friday


Volunteer Info

The co-op is always in need of and accepting volunteers. Feel free to drop by whenever you can for however long you can.

When Volunteering log your hours on the clipboard at the register and have the member on shift initial them. You are welcome to do whatever you see/feel needs to be done. If you aren’t sure you can always ask the member on shift for guidance.

things what usually need to be done:
washing dishes
wiping down tables and counters

Volunteers are entitled to $3.00 of food for every hour they work. Also, unending love and respect.

General Membership general members volunteer at least 2 hours a week. In addition to $3.00 of food for every hour worked, general members are granted access to the spoilage fridge and allowed to attend the food co-op quarterly retreat.

Core Membership core members are all equal owners of the co-op. They receive all the benefits of general membership and they receive unfettered access to the space they get a key. They are also entitled to block in food co-op votes. Core members are committed to working 5-6 hours a week and are expected to regularly attend the weekly food co-op meetings. If our financial situation ever allows for it, core members will get paid money. To become a core member you must go through the hiring and interview process.

Interested in becoming a core member?