Hi! We’re a non-hierarchical, collectively run food co-op committed to serving the UCSD population with low cost, nutritious, and environmentally responsible food.

10:00am - 4:00pm
Monday - Friday


Core Membership

Core members are all equal owners of the co-op. They are entitled to $3.00 of food per hour worked and have access to the spoilage fridge. They help plan and are encouraged to attend the quarterly food co-op retreats and they receive unfettered access to the space they get a key. They are also entitled to block in food co-op votes. Core members are committed to working 5-6 hours a week and are expected to regularly attend the weekly food co-op meetings. If our financial situation ever allows for it, core members will get paid money.

To become a core member you must go through the hiring process:

  1. Volunteer for a minimum of 10 hours.
  2. Attend at least one co-op meeting. This can be done later, but must happen before you will be granted an interview. Meetings are usually held on Friday at 4:20 pm, but are occasionally rescheduled - verify with current core.
  3. Fill out and return a core membership application. This can be received from any current core member.
  4. Interview.